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The internet is a vast digital space with endless possibilities and a stream of potential customers that want to learn a skill you have mastered. If you’re looking to establish your brand as an online teacher, this blog post is for you.


How to teach online

There are many different ways to teach online. There is no one-size-fits-all method. One of these ways is through on-demand (pre-recorded) video instruction. It’s hard to beat a video when it comes to teaching something because videos are a medium that people can easily consume and understand. Videos are also cost effective for you as a business owner. Another great way to teach online is with live streaming. Live streaming can be done on social media, YouTube, or any other platform your online school chooses. This method is great for those looking for an affordable form of communication with their students or clients. A final way to teach online is through interactive webinars and discussions through websites like Facebook Live and apps like WebinarJam. These platforms make it easy for you to be in contact with your audience while providing excellent educational opportunities.



How to coach online

Coaching allows you to help students to lead and determine their own learning topics or self-improvement pathway. It means that you have more control over the process and are able to customize your lesson plans for each student accordingly. If you're available during certain hours, then you could coach at those specific hours each week. Otherwise you can set up a calendar to take sessions by appointment and hold them online via video conferencing methods like Google Meet or Zoom


Zoom audio and video setup

Zoom is the most popular video conferencing software for teaching and coaching. You can simply use your laptop’s internal mic and camera or buy an external microphone or camera of your choice. If your external microphone has USB you can plug it directly into your computer but if it has an XLR (microphone) connection you will need an audio interface to amplify the signal and connect the mic to Zoom. Likewise if you use a webcam you can connect directly to the laptop via USB but a higher quality DSLR camera will require an adapter (typically HDMI to USB) to connect to Zoom. Once your microphone and camera are connected, select each in the Zoom settings. Zoom will automatically remember these audio/video settings for the next session.



Setting up an online learning website

If you’re interested in teaching online, think about the platform that will be your classroom. There are plenty of options out there and some platforms are better than others depending on your needs. If you want to teach a wide variety of topics or if your business is focused on one specific subject, you should set up an online learning website. You can make a website with just about any topic you can imagine, so long as it falls in line with the laws of your host country. Here are some popular topics for websites: Business - Accounting, marketing, finance, etc. Education - Math and science, social studies and language arts Sports - Fitness Health - Dieting and nutrition Recreational activities - Entertainment. If you want to host video courses you might want to choose a learning management system (LMS) that includes video hosting like Kajabi.


Finding your audience

The most crucial step when teaching anything online is to find an audience. Most people advise that you pick a niche topic inside of a popular category. To ensure that your course is a success, follow these tips: 

  • Be clear with your goals 
  • Keep your course structured 
  • Reinforce your position in the beginning 
  • Make sure your course has a “sell” or CTA (call to action) at the end.

 It’s also important to incorporate some sort of social media platform for students to interact with one another in order for them to get familiar with the material as well as encourage their learning habits. Doing so will make it easier for them to ask questions if they are struggling and receive help from other students. Social media platforms are more popular than ever before, so incorporate the one you use the most into your marketing plan.



Promoting your video content

1) You can upload your own videos and audio to YouTube, Vimeo, and other video platforms. 2) Build a website to reach out to students in your area 3) Consider using Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype 4) Encourage students to join your online classroom by providing valuable content such as lessons, tutorials, etc. 5) Utilize social media networks like Facebook and Twitter to create a community of learners 6) Create a blog that showcases your teaching style 7) Consider creating email lists for students who are interested in meeting up with you or interacting with others in the class. 8) Reinforce your brand by offering exclusive content for those on your email list



Finding your niche and teaching or coaching a topic you know and love is a great way to express yourself and even start a side hustle while you build towards running an online school as your main thing.



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